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  The Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization

Project Overview

The Waco MPO is developing a regional Safety Action Plan to outline data-driven strategies to reduce transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries across the MPO planning area. Improving transportation safety is a top priority for the MPO.

The Safety Action Plan will:

  • Analyze recent crash trends and contributing factors based on crash data

  • Identify emphasis areas and priorities for safety improvements

  • Develop system-wide safety countermeasures and location-specific project recommendations

  • Coordinate efforts across jurisdictions within the MPO region

  • Establish performance measures to track and monitor progress toward reducing fatalities and serious injuries

The plan will offer a proactive approach for addressing safety concerns on all public roads in the area. Recommendations will provide a framework for investing in safety projects through programs such as the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).

Click here to redirect to the Comprehensive Safety Action Plan's webpage on Waco MPO's website. 


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Project Area

Project Area
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Report Concerns
Report Your
Area of Concern

Your input is essential for the success of the MPO's Safety Action Plan. Click the button below to provide us with your concerns regarding traffic and safety on MPO region roads. 

Sample comments -

  • This roadway segment is unsafe for walking and biking.

  • Cars don't stop at this stop-controlled intersection.

  • Speeding on this roadway segment.

For further updates, check Project Updates or Subscribe to receive notifications.

To be included in the 2024 Comprehensive Safety Action Plan, please report your concerns by 03/24/2024.

Collision History

The map below shows collisions that occurred in the Waco MPO region from January 2014 to December 2023. 


  • Navigate the map to find collision hot spots.

  • Use mouse wheel or provided buttons to zoom in and out.

  • Pan by selecting the map or using your device's touch screen.

  • Collisions are color-coded to correspond to collision severity.

  • Click the interactive legend button in the top right corner to view the map legend which shows the color for each collision severity.

  • Click on the arrows at the bottom-right of the map to expand the interactive map in new window. 

  • Use the interactive legend to view collisions of each severity. Select each collision for more details.

  • Coding for each data field can be found in this PDF.

For any comments or suggestions, please Provide Feedback

Collision History
Comprehensive Safety Action Plan
Waco MPO_2024 Comprehensive Safety Action Plan_Page_001.jpg

The Waco MPO Comprehensive Safety Action Plan is available now 

The 2024 Waco MPO Comprehensive Safety Action Plan (CSAP) was developed with funding awarded under the FY 2022 Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) discretionary grant program. The plan includes ten years of collision analysis for the MPO's planning area and identifies related safety projects. The CSAP was adopted by the Waco MPO Policy Board on April 29, 2024.


Project Updates
Project Updates

04/30/2024: On April 29, 2024, the Waco MPO Policy Board formally adopted the 2024 Waco MPO Comprehensive Safety Action Plan (CSAP). Click here to access the full plan. Appendices of the plan can be found here


01/04/2024: View the Collision History section for collisions of all severity that occurred in the Waco MPO region from 2014 to 2023. We are constantly updating the interactive map as the project moves forward. 

01/04/2024: Downloadable materials, plans, and reports will be uploaded here when they are available.

Provide Feedback

Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about the project by filling out the feedback form below. Please report concerns regarding traffic and safety on MPO roadways. 

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For inquiries, please contact:

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